Please review the policies and fees prior to contacting the office.

Dr. Groff is practicing out of a historic brownstone in Park Slope, Brooklyn.  It is convenient to Atlantic Avenue Center and is easily accessible by public transportation

 Kari Groff, MD & Park Slope Psychiatry

Please feel free to contact Dr. Groff via her HIPAA secure messaging system, Klara. Current patients with a Klara account can access Klara to contact Dr. Groff at 

New patient inquiries should be made through Klara or by calling the office phone number 646-455-3324.

Please note that there may be waiting list for new patients.

​​Patients will be provided a secure online scheduling link to schedule appointments once accepted into the practice.

Dr. Groff prefers that all prospective patients communicate via Klara to help improve efficiency and protect confidential patient information.  Patients are also welcome to leave a message on her secure phone line.

Phone 646-455-3324 

Fax 646-355-0098