About Dr. Kari Groff

Kari Groff, MD         Park Slope Psychiatry

Dr. Groff's mission is to provide personalized, high-quality psychiatric care.  She has created a practice that she believes in and provides the care that she would recommend to her own family members.  Her mission is one of integrity, knowledge, honesty, and compassion.  She will always take the time to sit with you to decide the most logical, most effective plan for your mental health.

Dr. Groff values your time and understands the stress and demands of New York City.   Her practice is almost entirely paper free.  Everything from scheduling to prescribing can be done online.   You will be able to reach her outside of her appointment hours using her secure messaging system, Klara.  https://patient.klara.com/ 

She is also the founder and owner of the Brooklyn and Beyond Mental Health Resource Group and NYC Psychiatrists, a community of nearly 1000 mental health clinicians in the New York metropolitan area.  This gives her unique access to other clinicians, therapists, and mental health providers of all types including homeopathic and alternative clinicians.   She is a frequent consult to educational lawyers and has extensive experience in helping plan alternative educational routes for children.  

Virtual sessions are also an option for the busy NYC professional who cannot make the in-person office visit.    Dr. Groff understands treating patients in NYC requires flexibility and out-of-the box thinking.   To request an appointment, please use our contact page or call the office at 646-455-3324.