Kari Groff, MD & Park Slope Psychiatry

Dr. Groff are consistent with those in private practice in NYC-

$600/60 mins 

$400/45 mins

$300/25 mins

Statements will be provided to those who would like to submit for out-of-network reimbursement. 

If you are looking for to use your medical insurance, she strongly recommends finding an in-network provider using a reliable resource such as ZocDocAlma, or Talkiatry .  Often major hospital centers will have comprehensive outpatient psychiatry departments offering complete psychiatric services.

​For free, confidential help in NYC, she recommends using NYC Well.

Please review the following office policies before scheduling an appointment.

Office Policies:

Dr. Groff's schedule fills quickly.  Please schedule in advance and try to avoid cancellations. Patients with frequent cancellations will be discharged from her practice as she is looking to work with highly motivated patients who are able to keep appointment times.

Please contact Dr. Groff directly for refills of medication instead of asking the pharmacy to reach out.  She will get back to you very quickly about your refills.

Video and Phone sessions are billed at the same rate as in-person sessions. 

Long phone calls to insurance companies, other therapists or doctors, and the completion of paperwork such as a written evaluation is billed at the same rate as an in-person visit as she builds the time into her work day.

Fees will be subject to small increases each year.

There is 48 hour cancellation notice or full fee of the appointment is charged.  You will be notified 72 hours in advance of your appointment via text and email to give enough time to cancel without being charged.

To be considered an active patient, Dr. Groff asks that patients are seen in the office every three months to continue under her care.  Patients not seen in the office for at least six months will be considered inactive and it will be assumed that treatment has been terminated or sought elsewhere.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What services can I expect when seeing Dr. Groff?

Dr. Groff will provide a full psychiatric evaluation that reviews current and past psychiatric symptoms and medication. She values spending enough time with her patients so that she can get to know you as a person and understand how your symptoms affect you in the context of your life experiences and stressors that you may be encountering. She has a very direct, empathetic, and down-to-earth approach.   

2. Does Dr. Groff have tele psychiatry services available?

Yes, remote sessions are available for all patients although Dr. Groff prefers in-person care for children and teens.

3.  How often do I need to see Dr. Groff ?

This depends on the type of medication you take and the acuity of your symptoms. For patients that are very stable on medication, visits may be infrequent such as a few times a year. For patients just starting out on medication, visits are more frequent.  

4. Is Dr. Groff easy to reach outside of her office hours?

Dr. Groff can be reached via the medical messaging system, Klara.  She also provides her cell phone to patients to reach her for emergencies.  She asks that her patients limit the use of text messages or email and use Klara as a way to contact her electronically and securely.  

5. Why does it mean to be "out-of-network"?

Psychiatrists in private practice who do not participate with insurance companies are working "out-of-network", meaning that they are not getting paid directly by the insurance company.  Patients are paying the doctors directly for their time and services.  This allows freedom to provide excellent, personalized care.  Patients can submit their statements to their insurance company and in some cases, depending on the plan, they will receive reimbursement (usually a percentage of the fee paid).

By not working directly with an insurance company, Dr Groff can personalize your treatment to exactly your needs without a third party directing how treatment should proceed.  Working out-of-network allows psychiatrists to practice excellent medicine and most patients quickly find that it is absolutely worth the investment in terms of quality of treatment, access to your doctor, and privacy.